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Reality Check with Lisa Daggs


Lisa Daggs is a relatively new face to many of us, but she is no stranger to gospel music, having achieved several chart-topping singles and a full-time singing schedule. She was introduced to the Homecoming Video scene by a friend of Bill Gaither’s in 1997 while she was with Cheyenne Records, a division of Homeland.

Her life is a miraculous story of God’s amazing grace…

Lisa was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Sacramento, in a Christian home by her mom. “My parents divorced when I was ten years old… one of the most devastating times in my life,” she recalls. During the tumultuous years to follow the devastation in her family, Lisa tried to gain acceptance through overachieving and other outward expressions. All her attempts brought only a temporary sense of value. She eventually tried to ease her internal pain by medicating herself with drugs and alcohol. While these vices took her pain away for a while, they were always temporary—forcing her to keep going back for more. Soon she was tangled in a web of addiction which only added to her lack of peace.

She moved to Nashville to pursue her dream of a singing career. Quickly, Lisa came up empty-handed and broken hearted. She moved back to the West Coast, still using drugs and alcohol to deal with her pain. Within three months of returning to California she received her first DUI, and 17 days later was arrested again for drunk driving and cocaine possession.

She had put together an all-female band called "Lisa Daggs with a Touch of Class" but she found that a great deal of her time was being spent in and out of court trying to fight the charges. She and her band began traveling the Nevada club circuit. She tried to respond to the wake-up-call of her two arrests by pulling her life together. But one year later, while she was preparing for a Department of Defense tour overseas, she was arrested once again, this time for possession and sale of drugs.

Thank the Lord that her story doesn’t end there! On November 11, 1989, Lisa made a pivotal decision. She stopped drinking and using drugs and entered a recovery program. Then, on January 11, 1990, she made another life-changing decision. She rededicated her life to Christ. She remains clean and sober and, after paying her dues with about 200 hours of community service, Lisa began singing again; only this time with a whole new sense of passion.

She started working at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, CA and it was there that God really began to work in Lisa’s life. After about a year, Lisa was given the opportunity to travel with evangelist Lowell Lundstrom and his family, singing and sharing what God had done in her life. It was during this time that she recorded her 1991 debut project, called "Who Are You" and began full-time ministry.

In 1993, after winning first prize in a contest called Voice Of The 90's, Lisa signed with Pakaderm/Word Records and recorded "Angel In Your Eyes." This project received immediate attention and seemed to really strike a chord with listeners. Out of this project, 3 singles were released: "Walls" reached #6, "Leave Your Bags (At The Door)" reached #4, and her self-penned testimony song, "I Wanna Thank You" was a chart topper at #1!

After this project, she was honored with the Christian Country Music Association (CCMA) title of "New Artist Of The Year" and soon released a new recording with Cheyenne Records, called "Love Is The Bottom Line," in 1995. This project yielded six number one singles and a Dove Award nomination. To top it off, Lisa was voted "Entertainer Of The Year" by the CCMA in November of 1996.

In 1997, she toured the United States and Germany, singing and sharing about all the amazing things God has done in her life. Then, in 1997 and again in 1998, God provided the opportunity for Lisa to share her on television for The 700 Club. After that airing, Lisa received word that 697 people called the 700 Club’s prayer lines to commit their lives to Christ, just as she had done only a few years before! That September of 1997, Lisa’s fourth #1 single, “Hands On The Plow,” was released as a solo on the Gaither Homecoming video, "This is My Story."

1998 was another big year for Lisa. "You First Loved Me" became her fifth #1 single. The next two singles, "Cross It Out" and "Savin' For A Rainy Day" also hit #1 in April and October of that year. She also received the honor of the Gospel Voice Diamond Award for Country Artist of the Year in 1998.

Lisa’s fourth album, entitled "The Only Truth I Know" has seen its three singles skyrocket to the number one status. Those titles are “How Big Is Your Want To”, “Turn To You” and “Straight and Narrow” which was the number one Song of the Year in 2001. "I'm Still Dancin'" (which she has been singing in concert with the Gaithers) is another favorite song from this album.

“God Delivers” is Lisa’s fifth album to date. “God Delivers” is also being distributed nationwide by New Day Christian Distributors. The first single “Oh My Glory” penned by Suzanne Gaither-Jennings and Michael Sykes has already hit # 1. As of January 2004, the title track, “God Delivers” also reached the number one position, and charted on the Singing News Publication as well.

God continues to bless Lisa. She is on the road full time, excited to see what else He has in store for her lives. Looking back on the successes and wondering what is yet to come, Lisa is constantly reminded of the place from where she came. Her life that once seemed hopeless, has now become precious and beautiful--because of Jesus and His love. Of all the trophies in her life, Lisa holds closest to her heart the trophy of grace. For it is the grace of God that saved her, called her, and has now inspired her to share her story and songs with the world.

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LDC Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 277156
Sacramento, CA 95827-7156


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